STEAK started as a research project during COVID-19. I was frustrated with most of the websites I would see while scanning a QR code at a restaurant, and decided I would make a platform that everyone could implement for free. I created a website version and a native app and later implemented an improved white-labeled version to some restaurants.


Polly is a comprehensive news application that features local politics and empowers users to connect with their respective representatives. I’ve curated various visual representations of the app to provide users with a glimpse of how it works and its remarkable features.


LampPost served as a proof of concept to demonstrate the market viability of user testing for a startup. It aimed to revolutionize the music discovery applications market, which was often characterized by mundane offerings.

Hip-Hop is Green

Hip-Hop is Green is a non-profit that’s mission is to solve food equality issues that affect BIPOC youth in urban areas through food education, urban farming, mostly vegetarian diet, and hip-hop music. 

Amazon Web Services

AWS is a leading and prominent cloud platform that offers unrivaled and extensive solutions. My role in 2019 was to conduct a thorough evaluation of the education pages aimed at consumers. This involved the creation of detailed site maps and prototypes to improve user experience and enhance client satisfaction.

Coming soon!

I’m writing a new case study for a very exiting project! Check back later