Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), required a site-wide audit to provide them with actionable recommendations for their consumer-facing customer education pages. I went through the intricate process of wire-framing, examining the website’s ecosystem, and auditing both AWS and direct competitors while drawing inspiration from other international leaders outside of the web service industry—enabling AWS to showcase a streamlined source of information targeted for their keystone audiences.  

Core Tools

Adobe XD
Initial site maps and word clusters associated with these pages

Project Goal

Come up with a unified solution and make a consistent user experience across 100’s of consumer-facing education pages, created by different designers over the course of many years.

My Role

During this project, I curated and documented analyses of direct and indirect competitors, created detailed sitemaps, designed enhanced wireframes, and created user experience improvements, and interactive prototypes.

Target Audience

The goal of these pages is to educate potential new and existing keystone customers of tools they may not be aware of. It was important to highlight important data in a comprehensive manner to explain technical data in a friendly, visual way while using calls to action to drive customers into the AWS system.

Wireframes combined with data analysis and sitemaps
Examples of industry trends connected to AWS pages


A key aspect of this project was to visually and analytically showcase what competitors were doing well, and what consumer education design trends we can learn from other platforms. 

I created slides to compare the bad and good of the existing pages, and what others were doing to fix a similar issue in their space.

Key Challenges

Many pages on the website were created by different designers over many years. With a website of this size, it meant figuring out what is consistent, what sticks out, what works, and what isn’t.

The large research process required working with designers, branding experts, and more to make sure everything was on the right track.

Interactive prototypes of new and existing pages
Designs for place holding content


The result was a comprehensive presentation delivered to AWS that was well received. 

A project like this is really interesting, as I get to wear a lot of hats and work on a little of everything – and had a great time working with the small team.